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La baie de Somme et son estuaire dans le PNM des estuaires picards et de la mer d'Opale | Crédit : Laurent Mignaux / Terra
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La baie de Somme et son estuaire dans le PNM des estuaires picards et de la mer d'Opale | Crédit : Laurent Mignaux / Terra
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The state of marine habitats and the consequences of the overall degradation observed require the implementation of conservation actions. Marha supports the managers of Natura 2000 sites to carry out these concrete actions which are part of the sites' objective documents, the programs of measures of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Water Framework Directive and contribute to the implementation of the strategic documents of the façade (DSF).

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Reduce pressures by adapting the most impactful activities

This objective, which is of primary importance to Life Marha, can be achieved by:
- adapting practices and the spatial and temporal distribution of uses to protect the most sensitive areas ;
- training and raising the awareness of professionals and managers to the challenges of habitat protection and to the tools available to them: technical guides, charters of good practice, labels, etc., developed in consultation with the stakeholders concerned;
- informing the monitoring services in order to optimize the controls according to the pressures and the periods of the year.

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Raise awareness of the importance of preserving marine habitats

Improving knowledge and recognition of the precious heritage of marine habitats is essential for a better consideration of their preservation. Communication actions on marine habitats and awareness raising on good practices to protect them for the general public and sea users are developed within the framework of Marha. More specific training for professionals and decision-makers is also carried out as well as the establishment of educational marine areas for the young public. The latter allow us to sow the seeds that will make generations of responsible citizens aware of the stakes involved in the reasoned exploitation of marine spaces.


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Correcting malfunctions

The diagnostics carried out within the framework of Marha make it possible to identify the actions to be implemented to improve the governance, financing and communication of Natura 2000 sites at sea as well as the monitoring system of marine habitats.